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Study Area Booking Instructions

  1. From the menu on the left, minimally choose a date, start time and end time. (No more than 7 days in advance, no more than 2 hours in a single booking)
  2. You may also indicate a specific zone (floor), or room capacity.
  3. Then search to see the list of available rooms.
  4. If you're parameters are not available, the system will suggesstion clsoe matches
  5. Select a room to book by clicking "Book Now"
  6. Complete the form and 'Submit" the booking 
  7. You can reserve a room for up to two hours in a single booking
  8. After submitting your booking times you will receive a e-mail confirming your booking. This e-mail includes the code that is needed to check-in to your booking upon arrival. You must check-in to your booking upon arrival or your reservation will be canceled. Look for the green sign in the group study room with QR code and link


Study Room Booking Instructions Video

Study Room Check-in instructions Video